Family IQ Review – A Complete Overview Of Family IQ

The very reason your reading this Family IQ review tells me that you’re looking into this company to see whether it is a credible company with a solid business opportunity.If you’re seriously considering investing in this company I want to encourage you to read this entire article as I will be going over some information that will assist you in making a well informed decision as to whether this is the right company for you.Not only will I be going over the company’s background, products and business opportunity I am also going to give you access to information on how to leverage the most powerful tool for building a network marketing business in the 21st century, the internet.A Review Of The Family IQ BackgroundThe man behind the company is a guy by the name of Mark Hobbins, after reviewing Mark’s background it is obvious why the Family IQ products are of such highly quality and provide massive value to the market place.Mark Hobbins has become the most respected name in clinical intervention for youth treatment and family dysfunction, he has appeared on, or consulted with numerous TV shows that focused on struggling families.Shows such as Britain’s Youngest Boozers, Teenagers Out of Control, Brat Camp Series, A&E Intervention, Tyra Banks and the very popular Dr. Phil Show.Mark has also been approach and asked for his expert opinion by media organizations such as CBS, NBC, People Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The LA Times, and the NY Times.Determined to prevent rather than treat and to teach rather than deal with crisis, Mark developed Family IQ, which was the first online resource offering interactive e-learning courses to help parents improve their parenting skills and strengthen their family.What Are The Family IQ Products?The two main flagship products are the:Family Builder Package – Price: $1,495Family Builder Plus Package – Price: $3,995These packages come with an array of tools and resources for assisting with struggling parents such as: Activity Sheets, Articles, Audio MP3, Family Brand & Logo, The Family IQ Test, Learning Style Analysis, Online Courses, Parenting Coaching, Seminars, Tests and Workshops.How You Earn With The Family IQ Business OpportunityThey not only offers premium parenting programs but they also allow you to become your own business owner.By becoming a Family IQ business owner you are able to earn an income in four different ways:1 – A Monthly Retails Sales profit of up to 50% paid on all products sold to non-member customers at the retail price.2 – A Monthly 9 Generational Uni-Level Bonus paid down 9 levels on all auto orders, ongoing purchases, and retail sales volume.3 – A Daily $1000 Fast Start Bonus paid immediately on the sale of each new Family Builder Package.4 – A Weekly Generational Fast Start Bonus paid down 9 levels on the sale of each new Family Builder Package.Family IQ ConclusionAfter reviewing The company it is obvious to see that Mark Hobbins has created a very solid business model that not only plays a very important part in the world by supplying world renowned parenting courses, Family IQ also allows you to build a successful home based business.So Is Family IQ All You Need For SuccessWhile this company does provide a solid business opportunity for the right person, the question is “Will the Family IQ business model alone be the key to your success?” The answer is a flat out no.If you are thinking that all you need to do is invest in this opportunity and the money is just going to start flowing in, I want to give you a reality check right now because it just doesn’t work that way.At the end of the day you need to find potential customers and business partners.Thanks to the internet it has never been easier to find these types of people, so if you combine a good online marketing strategy with the Family IQ business model you will have every chance of success.