Automotive Service: Common Brake Repair Jobs

Brake issues are not only dangerous, they are degenerative. This means the longer you wait, the more expensive automotive service will be. But because modern cars come with computers that sometimes malfunction and then start working again, drivers have a bad habit of letting some things slide. Of course brakes are not computers. They are mechanical devices that wear down and require regular service. Let us take a moment to review a few of the most common stopping problems.Low FluidModern stopping systems rely on hydraulics that use fluids to transfer force into pressure. When these fluids get low, more force is put on the brakes and wear increases consequently. More often than not, when fluid levels fall, the problem is a leak. Leaks are extremely dangerous because they can cause catastrophic brake failure. The good news is that they are often easy and inexpensive to repair. To do so, a faulty line or hose must be replaced and fluid added during your next automotive service appointment.Sunken PedalWhen the brake pedal literally reaches the metal, it’s a sure sign that something is wrong with the hydraulics in your system. There are two simple explanations for this. The first is that your master cylinder is worn out and must be replaced, and the second is that there is a leak in the hydraulic system. Either way, the problem must be taken care of by an experienced mechanic. Ignoring the issue could lead to stopping failure, which is not only expensive to repair, but also extremely dangerous.Noisy StoppingSqueaks, squeals, or scrapes often indicate some sort of metal-to-metal contact in the system. This could be due to worn-out brake pads and shoes or a vibration between the pads and the calipers. That may sound serious, but both problems are relatively simple and inexpensive to repair during an automotive service. A good mechanic can eliminate most sounds by replacing the old pads with new ones and applying some kind of noise control compound directly onto the rotors.Benefits Of Regular ServiceAutomotive experts tell us that stopping systems should be inspected at least twice a year to ensure proper operation. The only problem is that most folks don’t know how to inspect them on their own and worry about repair costs if they should visit their local mechanic. This is a common misconception. The fact is that stopping systems are often easy and inexpensive to repair. More importantly, catching a problem before it gets any worse can save motorists hundred, even thousands of dollars. Not to mention the fact that brakes are all that stand between you and an accident.Because all brakes eventually wear out, it is only a matter of time before you start experiencing issues with stopping. Do not ignore the signs. Take your vehicle in for automotive service before the minor issue becomes a dangerous, expensive problem.